Interactive talk.

Groundbreaking digitalised concept
with realtime results.

For organisations who wants to handle change smarter –
by shaping a motivating culture, more high quality work,
effective teams, useful innovation, and sustainable leadership.
(and plenty of audience interaction)

Connecting the sciences of motivation, productivity, team development, creativity and leadership to help organisations handle change in smart and sustainable ways. (Almost Hans Rosling style.)

Content. Format & interactivity. Realization.

I provide strategic content support to make sure your message will get across in a live setting. I help design process and method for the event to make sure the it meets your goals. Then I run the show for you, allowing the guests to be the stars.

Strategy. Design. Interaction. Results.

I design interactive workshops that generates results and where all participants contribute. Models and designs are based on modern research and creative ways of making things happen.