Interactive talk.

Groundbreaking digitalised concept with realtime results.


For leaders and co-workers who wants to handle change smarter –
by shaping a motivating culture, more high quality work,
effective teams, useful innovation, and sustainable leadership.


We know a lot today, about what actually drives motivation, increases the amount of high quality work, useful innovations and successful teams. And what kind of leadership this demands.

But not everybody knows this, within organisations. Why?

…that frees up the power …

It´s about letting the power in people free, by giving coworkers and teams ownership and responsibility to make themselves – and each other – great.

This re-defines leadership and work as we know it.

…of the entire organisation.

The responsibility of development is no longer the leaders’; it is a team task. When everyone – coworkers and leaders together do this, they need the same know-how.

So everyone can make everyone great.

The talk will create:

  • Increased motivation –
    behaviours that create a motivating culture
  • Increased productivity –
    strategies and behaviours for more high quality work
  • Useful creativity- and innovation –
    that actually makes a difference.
  • Strong teams –
    with room for many superstars.
  • Successful and effective leadership –
    created by leaders and coworkers together.


It´s all about you now.

I analyze and compare your results to the latest global research and best practice. Results, analysis and assessments are based on your answers, your reality.

The talk is fact checked. The design and performance is professionally directed.

Web based. No apps.

The talk begins with the audience using smartphones or tablets to answer a set of questions on attitudes, knowledge and understanding of the five linked subjects. The talk also contains live interaction for increased engagement.

I then analyze and compare the results to the latest global research and best practice in realtime.

No downloads. No hassle.

I provide easy to use, web-based interactive tool, and hi-speed wi-fi
 (terms and conditions apply)

The interactive tool is designed by the geniuses at twebcast.
Solutions for automated score and e-mail and more are created specifically for my concept.


Instant personal results (via e-mail.)

Each participant gets an email with an automated individual assessment based on given answers. It contains insights on where to improve, so you can work smarter and handle change better.  Insights are presented in three categories

TALK – the topic on which you can contribute the mostly to your teams development
LISTEN  the topic on which your team can contribute the mostly to your development

Team result is
LEARN – the topic on which you as a team have the greatest need for development

Mail also contains any personal notes made during the talk.

Flexible grouping.

Participants are grouped by email domain name as default. The platform supports other groupings, such as different divisions, locations etc. (notification in advance needed)

Motivation. Productivity. Team. Creativity. Leadership.

The concept allows for three different formats between 60 – 180 minutes.

Topics are:
Increase workplace engagement by learning what truly 
motivates us, and how that drives productivity.
Productivity. Learn how to improve the amount of high quality work and get more productive.
Strong teams. As team members, learn which behaviors and actions create high performance teams.
Creativity. Increase creativity and shape smarter ways towards useful innovations.
Sustainable leadership. Create the right conditions and a sustainable approach to lead in constant change.

Actually, you can even vote on site on what subject I should talk about.


Your name (compulsory)

E-mail (compulsory)


Size audience (approx)...

Place, time and date (approx)...

“An interactive way to connect knowledge, learning and awareness. A good tool for development. Gives us and our company data and status which helps us to develop further into becoming more efficient with our managers and team.

Jon is energetic, inspirational and professional when he guides us through the area of social science.”

Annelie MårdVice President Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation division
”Jon gave his interactive speech at our site in Örebro, and it truly resonated with the 270 attending employees and leaders. Jon is a great speaker – entertaining and energetic yet sincere.
His speech, and the data he provided afterwards, has given us a great material to discuss leadership styles, employee engagement and both challenged and inspired us to work closer together to achieve common goals. I can really recommend Jon for any speaker engagements and we look forward to continuing working with Jon.”


Janne OlssonHR Manage, Epiroc