Digitally interactive workshops.
High tech, high touch.

Strategy. Design. Interaction. Results.

I am a behavioral scientist specialized in how interaction shapes knowledge. So I design interactive workshop that generates results and where all participants contribute. Models and designs are based on modern research and creative ways of making things happen.

Interactive strategy & design.

I help design the workshop.
I help choose interactive methods and processes that helps you reach your goals.
It´s about creating the right emotions, topics and questions, and deciding what results we want.


Through a web-based, easy to use,interactive tool participants use mobile phones or tablets to, vote, prioritize, share ideas, comment, ask questions – individually as well as in groups. The data is presented and used live, in advanced ways such as segmented results. It can also be used for continuos co-creation and shaping of event content.


The result from a digitally interactive workshop live longer than your traditional workshop. It creates useful data, that we can analyse afterwards, for insights and deeper understandings. Typically, I do an analysis and present to you.

App based behaviour change.

By creating an app based  pulse survey based on the results of our workshop, we drive behavioural change and makes things happen, for real, and quickly.